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Communication in business is completely different than regular communication. Well, if it goes the ideal way, you won’t send a message to the CEO (if you do) of your company using lots of emojis. Similarly, the way you write captions for your social media platforms would not be the same as you write a formal letter.

Communicating within a company is or at least should be professional and formal. Even if the environment of the company is friendly and relaxed, some conversations are meant to be done as per the standard best practices. By being formal, we don’t mean that you should invite your colleagues or your CEO to your wedding in a formal way. What we mean here is that some things, such as reference letters, cover letters, thank you letters or any other forms of communication need to be done in a professional as well as formal manner.

Although emails are considered to be the most convenient mode to communicate within organizations, some business messages, especially the most important ones, are still preferred to be printed as a business letter. A meticulously crafted business letter that is presented on an attractive letterhead can turn out to become a powerful medium of communication. In order to make sure that you are writing an effective business letter in the most professional way possible, you need to be sure that you are following the business letter format as well as a template. Therefore, in this blog, we will be covering the aspects of writing a perfect business letter including the business letter format that best suits ecommerce companies.

Criteria to be followed in a Business Letter

Now before getting into the format and template that is right for a business letter, we have to show you some criteria that you need to consider when writing an effective business letter for your ecommerce business. Below are the two most important factors to be considered for writing a formal business letter for your ecommerce business:

Choose a professional letterhead design

The business letter you send represents your company, and therefore, you have to be sure that you are writing something that directly sets you unique from the rest and qualifies you for providing high-quality content. If you are tired of using the same age-old traditional letterhead, you can consider using design templates that are easily available online. You can simply create a letter using a predesigned letterhead template.

Employ a standard letter format as well as template

Although there are many options out there for the templates you can use for your business letter, it is essential that you only pick the standard templates. Also, the letter you form must be written in a standard business letter format. The most extensively used business letter format is the ‘Block Style’ wherein the entire text in the letter is left-aligned, single-spaced (except for the double spaces between the paragraphs), with margins of about 1 inch on all the sides of the document.

Use Professional Tone

Avoid using casual or chat-worthy language in your business letter. Although your business letter can be friendly, it should be more on the professional side. However, the letter should reflect your business as you as a person. Being professional by language or tone does not mean that the letter sounds as if it is written by an automated machine. Maintain that perfect ratio of being professional with a ray of personalization.

Organize the Information

The point of writing the letter must be conveyed in the starting stages of the letter. The language you use must be straightforward, concise, attractive, as well as organized. Relevant information should be grouped into paragraphs. If the information is too long, consider organizing it into different sections using sub-titles. You can also consider highlighting the keywords used in your business letter to make it stand out from the rest of the content.


All your efforts of writing an effective business letter would go in vain if that is filled with grammatical errors, such as punctuation mistakes, and spelling mistakes. Therefore, make sure that once you have completed writing your letter, you proofread the entire letter using readily available online tools as well as manually.

Business Letter Format of Ecommerce Companies

The template fields that are included in the business letters of an ecommerce company is as follows:

  1. Date: Herein, you must use the month/day/year format, for instance, January 23, 2021.
  2. Address of the Sender: If you have the sender’s email address or their URL, you must consider adding them to your business letter. However, if it is already incorporated in your letterhead template, you can skip adding this information. This will let consumers find your ecommerce business more easily.
  3. Address of the Receiver: Consider using the full name of the receiver in this section. Address them with Mr/Ms/Mrs is completely optional.
  4. Formal Salutation: Unlike in personal letters, in a business letter for your ecommerce business, you must be sure to use a colon instead of a comma at the end of the name.
  5. Body: The body of your business letter must state your purpose of writing the business letter. Herein, you have to establish any mutual connection or relationship upfront. Consider outlining the solution, offering proofs as a form of examples as well as provide expert opinions. The related information should be grouped into paragraphs.
  6. Call To Action or CTC: Your business letter must offer a closing CTC that determines what the receiver has to do after getting the information and what you shall do as a follow-up process.
  7. Signature: You should sign your letter using black or blue ink. If you have enclosures, use them after the signature.


This was all about the format you need to follow for writing a business letter for your ecommerce business. Now that you are well-aware of writing an effective business letter for your ecommerce business, you are ready to compose one on your own. Godspeed entrepreneurs!

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